The Invest in Cumbria Alliance is a determined, connected and committed group whose purpose is to help commercial investors place meaningful, sustainable, Social Value proposals at the heart of their investment plans for Cumbria, so that everyone wins.

We provide a unique support package for investors, facilitating access to some of the most knowledgable minds in Cumbria, to help them develop impactful Social Value Plans, co-created with the community, so their investment succeeds commercially and on a socio-economic basis for our residents and small businesses.

Our powerful group includes some of Cumbria's leaders in Parliament, Local Government, industry, professional services, Third Sector and in time 000’s of residents and 00's of SMEs, so offering true representation of Cumbrian business and community thinking, opinions and ideas to any organisation wanting to create Social Value Plans that will make a difference.

“Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve seen our businesses, local government and communities pulling together in remarkable ways. The Invest in Cumbria Alliance applies that pace and ‘can do’ attitude to the next wave of investments in the region.”

Trudy Harrison, MP for Copeland

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